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  • I’ve have cleaned and repaired over 300+ computers, especially virus removal problems. I’ve become an expert at removing malware, viruses, and spyware, including hard to remove hidden Trojan viruses – a.k.a. rootkits. My Morgan City Computer Repair shop has over 5 years’ experience servicing computers.

    So, does your computer system:

    • Run too slow?
    • Redirect your internet browser to strange places?
    • Unresponsive or locking up?
    • Have Fake Antivirus warnings or Pop-ups?
    • Have Blue-Screen or other errors?

    My Protection & Virus Removal Service Will:

    • Provide you system with a total system tune-up.
    • Install free or paid anti-virus software.
    • Make sure your system is secure and configured properly.
    • Fix On-Site or at my shop.
    • Response immediately to your virus issue.

    Some Common Virus Indicators are:

    • Slow computer performance.
    • Blue-Screen (BSOD) at start-up.
    • Constant windows popping up to purchase fake software.
    • Internet Browser redirects and/or Hijacking.
    • Total computer lock-out and/or freeze-ups.
    • No internet access.

    So, whenever you need help with a computer virus repair, I will be there for you. I can help you with everything from computer repair to complete system re-installs. So let me help you with any and all virus concerns, your computers and networks. I’m committed to my customers, and will make sure to provide you with the care and attention that your system deserves.

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