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  • Hacker Prevention Techniques

    I remember when the term “hacker” referred to a computer geek who could transform a mundane electronic device, with a few modifications, into something completely different from what the manufacturer and designer had envisioned for it. In some cases, these were cool improvements and more than one of these hackers made a fortune selling the rights to them. In other cases, the transformation [...]

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    Five &quote;Don'ts&quote; & Five &quote;Dos&quote; for Better Passwords

    Don't leave passwords blank. Don't use your username as a password. Don't use identifiable information (such as a birthday). Don't write passwords down. Don't use auto-fill for passwords (especially on public computers). Do use 8 characters or more. Do use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, & symbols. Do memorize your password. Do change your password periodically (at least every[...]

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    How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache

    How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache Every web browser, whether it is Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, will store images, web pages and other downloaded content. This collection of stored information is called your browser’s cache. Deleting it can not only help protect your privacy, but also free up space on your computer. In this step-by-step guide, you will learn how to clear browser [...]

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    How to Recover Data from a Hard Drive

    If you have ever suffered from a hard drive crash, you know how frustrating it can be. It can also mean a devastating loss of data or expensive data recovery services. But before you panic or shell out big bucks take a try at recovering the data yourself. First you need to determine if the system is completely dead, or the computer just can’t start the operating system. You should be able to [...]

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    How to Recover From a Hard Drive Crash

    Nothing can be more frustrating or frightening than your computer suddenly not working because of a hard drive crash. But don’t panic yet. There are two major problems for a computer not to start due to a hard drive problem. The first is that the hard drive has truly failed and without a time consuming and expensive process, you have probably lost everything on it. That is what backups are for. [...]

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    Marvelous Benefits of Owning Your Own Unique Custom Built Computer

    There are many advantages to owning your own custom built computer. You will get much better and maximum performance out of a computer that is custom built to suit your needs. Today, many people are aware of the benefits that custom built computers bring. Millions of people are realizing that when they go for the custom build to suit their specifications, they are not only getting high end [...]

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