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  • At my Morgan City Computer Repair shop I've access to some of the most comprehensive data recovery software in the industry. I am also a partner with some of the most experienced data recovery specialists in the industry right here in Louisiana.

    Emergency Data Services: The culprits behind data loss can run the gamut from power outages and hard drive crashes to viruses, worms or Trojans. if I can't handle it in house; I've teamed up with other local, highly skilled company's in the data backup and recovery buisness. Whether it’s eradicating computer viruses or restoring a hard drive, my data backup and recovery know-how can quickly get you back in business.

    If there is no physical damage to the drive, I can do most software related recovery in my office. This includes disk formatting, running system restores, or permanently deleting files. Physical damage or other hardware failure may requires me to send your drive off to a clean room facility.

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