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  • Custom Build Gaming Systems


    I've been building custom computer systems for 8+ years now, and I've always use the best industry hardware available — And, I'll do this while being sensitive to your budgetary requests.

    As we know, technology in the PC industry changes continuously which is why my custom built PC's will always leave room for reasonable priced upgrades. I will build your system with upgrades in mind… this will enable you to save money by not having to add additional components, or the need to buy a whole new system every 3-4 years.

    My gaming systems are built for the gamer in mind, and for those who need the special hardware to stay at the top of their game!

    I'll build the PC to meet your needs and keep growth in mind. My systems will be both competitive, and won't empty you wallet! But, I am also more than capable of devising gaming system for the customer who absolutely must have State-of-the-art PC with the most cutting-edge hardware.

    Name-Brand systems can sometimes use lower grade components in their gaming PC's to cut down the costs. And, they are also leave you with limited expandability consequently leaving you with very limited upgrade abilities. This will lead to you buying a new PC every few years or so. Name-Brand systems will come loaded with unneeded software too that you do not want or need! This so-called "Bundled" software often comes in trial versions which often subvert your new computer with hated malware and/or spyware. These types of system rally not generally designed specifically for gaming, or graphic demanding programs. This often leaves you no alternative but to upgrade your brand-new system with a new video card more RAM (Random Access Memory) which often may not be completely compatible with their system, or worst; you'll need their proprietary sub-standard hardware.

    So, call me at (337) 251-0123 "before" your next purchase of a Gaming PC/Computer, and I'll build your next "Custom" PC tailored to just for you.

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